Religion in Crisis and Custom


This pioneering study by Anton T. Boisen, originally published in 1955, is as relevant today as it was 60 years ago. It is in times of social crises, Boisen observes, “that religious experience arises spontaneously” when people are “forced to think and feel intensely regarding the things that matter most.”

Religion in Crisis and Custom is especially relevant in light of the rapid growth of those who identify as Spiritual But Not Religious and of fundamentalism in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This edition includes a brand new foreword and afterward, along with a new introduction by Robert Charles Powell.

"The sociologist, psychologist, and psychiatrist will find much that is provocative in [these] pages. The pastor, chaplain, and theologian have long since learned that bemeath every Boisen theory there is a hard core of relevance to the mostpractical aspects of their ministry." - Seward Hiltner, from the Foreword

"Anton Boisen's work will go down as one of the few really original and lasting contributions to the psychology of religion in our period. This book will, I believe, be the subject of many researches during the next couple of decades." - Rollo May, author of Love and Will.


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